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Our Values
its establishment in 1990, Rainbow Paper Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been based on the following values that define the work culture of the company:-

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Accountability.

Product Offerings
Our products have made the government offices and business organizations more efficient and responsive to the public and customers respectively. Rainbow Paper Industries Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the manufacture of the following range:-

  • Sheet Protectors
  • L- Folder File
  • Clear Sheet Protector
  • Data Pockets
  • PP Folders
  • PP Sheets
  • CD Pouches
  • Inner Pocket Display Leaves
  • Visiting Card Leaves
  • Display File Leaves
  • Photo Album Leaves

P.P. Sheet manufacturing with best quality material in virgin grade in all designs required for stationery and packaging industry. Design entertained are glass/mats/sand/matt- linen/matt- glass/gloss/leather/matt- crossline/gloss- airtight line/ gloss, etc.

P.P. in Roll form and sheet form in all transparent and opaque colours available.

Our files and folders are exemplary in terms of application and reliability. The entire production process is fully documented, beginning from raw material sourcing to the final inspection process. We procure premium quality PP Granules/dana from reliable vendors as a quality assurance measure. Our products undergo special ultrasonic sealing, bottom sealing and side sealing to ensure the durability mode.

The quality inspectors monitor the entire production process with suitable test methods in order to identify the smallest deviation of the desired quality. Owing to these measures, our products comply with the highest requirements in terms of durability. As a part of our quality assurance program, we, at Rainbow Paper Industries Pvt. Ltd., apply the principle of "Zero Error" to all our actions and processes.

Flexible production process based on the competence of individual team members and our facilities with high-degree of automation, allows short response time and an optimization process for different customer requirements. A state-of-the-art CAD tool supports us in the optimization of the design process. The production management processes at Rainbow Paper Industries Pvt. Ltd. are coupled with an organization-wide implementation of manufacturing the best practices, and this has led to our phenomenal success in the industry.

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